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Albert and Gage
At Anderson Fair
      1. Tim Leatherwood introduction 0:40
   2. Full Moon Night 5:09
   3. How Can I 3:25
   4. Thumbelina 3:54
   5. Spirit Vision 5:09
   6. Burnin’ Moonlight 3:37
   7. Black Denim Trousers 3:45
   8. Return of the Grievous Angel 4:19
   9. Down in Germany 2:17
10. It Should’ve Been Me 3:52
11. Bells of Joy 3:15
12. Who Will the Next Fool Be 4:30
13. Mon Manege a Moi 2:50
14. La Vie en Rose 3:29
15. Cold Hard Truth 4:13
16. Dallas 3:34
17. Don’t Let Go 5:18


Produced by Chris Gage and Christine Albert
November 16, 2002     Anderson Fair - Houston TX
Recorded live at Anderson Fair Studios, Houston, Texas November 16, 2002
Recording engineers: Tim Leatherwood and Earl Willis
Mixed by Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studio, Austin, Texas
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering, Austin, Texas
Artwork design by Steve Lara at EMA
Photographs by Don "Winker" Emmons and Chris Gage
Chris Gage and Christine Albert play Taylor acoustic guitars

Christine Albert - vocals and guitar
Chris Gage - vocals, guitar, piano and accordion
Brad Fordham - bass guitar
Paul Pearcy - drums and percussion

MH 2900   cp2003 MoonHouse Records
PO Box 41021 Austin, Texas 78704
www.moonhouserecords.com         www.albertandgage.com

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


"This CD snaps and pops with musical energy"
Sing Out Magazine
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Track Listings:

1. Tim Leatherwood introduction    0:40

2. Full Moon Night   5:09
(Christine Albert)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI)

3. How Can I   3:25
(Christine Albert)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI)

4. Thumbelina   3:54
(Chrissie Hynde)
EMI April Music obo Clive Banks Songs (ASCAP)

5. Spirit Vision   5:09
(Kevin Johnson)
Kevin Johnson Music

6. Burnin’ Moonlight   3:37
(Steve Carter, Erik Moll, Ron Hicks)
Born Liar Music (BMI) / Erik Moll Music (ASCAP) / Tillatoba Music (BMI)

7. Black Denim Trousers   3:45
(Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)
Jerry Leiber Music / Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP)

8. Return of the Grievous Angel   4:19
(Beau Brown, Gram Parsons)
Songs of Dreamworks obo Tickson Music Co. (ASCAP) / Sixteen Stars Music (BMI)

9. Down in Germany   2:17
(Christine Albert, Chris Gage)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI) / Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

10. It Should’ve Been Me   3:52
(Memphis Curtis)
Hill and Range Songs (ASCAP)

11. Bells of Joy   3:15
(Kimmie Rhodes)
Irving Music Inc (BMI)

12. Who Will the Next Fool Be   4:30
(Charlie Rich)
Knox Music Inc. (BMI)

13. Mon Manege a Moi   2:50
(Norbert Glanzberg, Jean Constantin
Southern Music Publishing Co. Inc. (ASCAP)

14. La Vie en Rose   3:29
(Edith Piaf, M. David, Louiguy)
Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP)

15. Cold Hard Truth   4:13
(Christine Albert)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI)

16. Dallas   3:34
(Jimmie Dale Gilmore)
Prize Music Inc. / Urn Music Company (BMI)

17. Don’t Let Go   5:18
(Jesse Stone)
Screen Gems – EMI Music (BMI)