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Christine Albert
The High Road

   1. Take Me Dancing   4:07
   2. Cross That Line   2:19
  3. Come Away With Me   4:40
  4. The Souvenir   2:49
  5. When the Boat Starts Rockin   4:01
  6. Who You Are   3:25
  7. What's the Matter With That Girl   3:02
   8. There's Nothin' Wrong   3:29
   9. Mirage   3:40
  10. I'm Wakin' Up   2:52
  11. Full Moon Night   4:08
  12. The High Road   3:48


Produced by Mitch Watkins for Gambini Global Recordings 1993
Additional arrangements by Paul Glasse
Engineered by Fred Remmert
Executive producers, John Irwin, Don & Ronna Martin, and Ernie Gammage
Recorded and mixed at Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, Texas
Digital editing by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin, Texas
Art direction and design by Dick Reeves
Photography by Scot Hill 1993
Hair and makeup by Diana Vicars

Christine Albert - vocals
Mitch Watkins - guitars, bass and keyboards

Bill Ginn - keyboards and percussion
Spencer Starnes - electric and acoustic bass
Brian Brinkmeyer - drums
Paul Glasse - mandolin
Danny Levin - fiddle, cello
Scott Neubert - dobro
Ponty Bone - accordion
Marty Muse - pedal steel guitar
Gene Elders - violin
Ernie Gammage, Mark Hallman, Scott Neubert, Mitch Watkins -  backing vocals
Jimmy LaFave - duet on "Come Away With Me"

Gambini Global Under License to MoonHouse Records
cp1993 MoonHouse Records
PO Box 41021 Austin, Texas 78704.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


"an album that sounds seamless, meticulously crafted and beautifully nuanced."
Austin American Statesman / June 1993

....toe tapping tunes and sharply drawn portraits ... some of the best music of her career. "The High Road' proves again that Albert is one of Austin's highest flying songbirds as well as one of its prize songwriters."........San Antonio Express News / May 1993
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Track Listings:

1.  Take Me Dancing   4:07
(Christine Albert and Gary Nicholson)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI) / Sony Cross Keys / Four Sons Music (ASCAP)

2.  Cross That Line   2:19
(Christine Albert) 
Maypop Music (BMI)

3.  Come Away With Me   4:40
(Christine Albert and Jimmy LaFave)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI) / Bohemia Beat Music (BMI)
A duet with Jimmy L.Fave.

4.  The Souvenir   2:49
(Christine Albert and Jennifer Kimball)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)/Second Wave Music / Full Keel Music Co./ Friends and Angels Music (ASCAP)

5.  When The Boat Starts Rockin'   4:01
(Christine Albert, Bill Carter and Ruth Ellsworth)
Maypop Music (OMI) / Blame Music (BMI)

6. Who You Are   3:25
(Kenya Walker and Christine Albert)
Real Girlfriends Music (SESAC) / Maypop Music (BMI)

7. What's the Matter With That Girl   3:02
(Christine Albert)
Maypop Music (BMI)

8. There's Nothin' Wrong (We Can't Make Right)   3:29
(Christine Albert)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)

9. Mirage   3:40
(Christine Albert and Will Robinson)
Maypop Music (BMI)

10. I'm Wakin' Up   2:52
(Christine Albert and Verlon Thompson)
Maypop Music (BMI) / EMI April Music, Inc./Ides of March Music (ASCAP)

11. Full Moon Night   4:08
(Christine Albert)
Maypop Music (BMI

12. The High Road   3:48
(Christine Albert and Verlon Thompson)
Maypop Music (BMI) / EMI April Music, Inc. / Ides of March Music (ASCAP)

Critics' Texas Top Five Records of 1993
Austin Chronicle / January 1994

Austin's Top Ten Country Records of 1993
Austin American Statesman / December 1993

"Easily as good as anything coming outta Nashville by a female Country singer/ songwriter."
Texas Beat Magazine / August 1993

"The High Road' continues to showcase Christine Albert's contemporary country sound- -unabashedly commercial but always excellent.'....New Texas / April 1993