As Is 
(Tom Peterson) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

Tom Peterson
Black Hills Gold
 1. Black Hills Gold  (4:13)
 2. As Is 
 3. Broken Heart Of Mine 
 4. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
 5. Global Warming 
 6. Fetch The Old Man Home 
 7. Goodbye Denver
 8. On That Beautiful Day 
 9. Magic Bird 
10.  Iowa Driver 
11. The Muddy Muddy Mo

As Is

 As Is it was scribbled on the hood As Is

At the dealership it stood As Is

I was kickin the tire man came over to inquire

If I might like to try her As Is


As Is Just a rusty beater As Is

Eight track no heater As Is

Tireds didn't match each one had a patch

With a hatch that wouldn't catch unless you kicked it on the latch


As Is Gonna have to jump her As Is

Duct tape for a bumber As Is

She shimmies and chugs her lines are all plugged

Where the license ought to be it says "See Wall Drug"


As Is It's your lucky day As Is

Dang near givin' it away As Is

Get it while it's hot we can finance on the spot

You can drive it off the lot


Sometimes you jsut gotta take it like you find it

And you don't always get the whole story that's behind it


As Is I'm like that old clunker As Is

One step from the junker As Is

I hate gettin' old my miles may be rolled

But could you have me and hold me As Is


As Is Not what might have been but As Is

Not who I was then but As Is

Leave yesterday I need you to say

That you love me anyway As Is


Leave yesterday I need you to say

That you love me anyway As Is