Black Hills Gold
(Tom Peterson) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

Tom Peterson
Black Hills Gold
 1. Black Hills Gold  (4:13)
 2. As Is 
 3. Broken Heart Of Mine 
 4. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
 5. Global Warming 
 6. Fetch The Old Man Home 
 7. Goodbye Denver
 8. On That Beautiful Day 
 9. Magic Bird 
10.  Iowa Driver 
11. The Muddy Muddy Mo

Black Hills Gold 

The news shot through Denver, Chicago and St. Lou

Up and down the East Coast, through the heart of Dixie too

And the story got bigger every time it got told

How the creeks and rivers run yellow with Black Hills Gold


They poured in by the hundreds to muddy Deadwood town

Some panned the streams others dug for it in the ground

T'was a few got lucky most only got old

And their hair grew silver looking for Black Hills Gold


I've never met an angel in this wicked old world

The closest I'll get is a Deadwood dance hall girl

I've never been to heaven, but sure I've been told

All the harps and halos are made out of Black Hills Gold


Sharps and the hustlers came to follow their prey

With a legion of soiled doves to help them lead em astray

In the upstairs parlor all pleasure is sold

For a pinch of dust shiny with Black Hills Gold


Flop houses and card rooms filled with desperate men

And a few lost souls found their way to the opium den

First taste is heaven then the devil takes hold

You dream of valleys of poppies the color of Black Hills Gold




Preacher climbed on a stump down in a dry river bed

Gave out a sermon concerning revelation and a fiery end

Prayed for salvation for the sheep in his fold

Lead us not to temptation but lead us to Black Hills Gold