Fetch The Old Man Home 
(Tom Peterson) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

Tom Peterson
Black Hills Gold
 1. Black Hills Gold  (4:13)
 2. As Is 
 3. Broken Heart Of Mine 
 4. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
 5. Global Warming 
 6. Fetch The Old Man Home 
 7. Goodbye Denver
 8. On That Beautiful Day 
 9. Magic Bird 
10.  Iowa Driver 
11. The Muddy Muddy Mo

Fetch The Old Man Home 

My Grandpa was a rounder

Back in his younger days

Till he started to go blind losing his mind

They had to put him away

 To the crazy folks prison in Yankton

They took him down there one spring

Just a few days later my own Dad sat down for supper

The telephone started to ring


He said Son this is your old man

I guess I got side tracked today

Some damn engineer half wet behind his ears

Took me way the hell out of my way

I'm calling you up from Omaha / Memphis / Atlanta / Tierra Del Fuego

On this long distance (cellular) telephone

Son how's about catchin’ a train here and fetchin'

Your old man home


Now my Grandpa loved trains and horses

And he hated automobiles

He said if God would have meant for us to ride on cement

Hell we'd all been born with rubber wheels

Every few days he'd wander away

We'd worry and wait for his call

Just like a fine old grandfather clock

The phone would ring on the wall


He used to follow the harvest

Travel from town to town

Till one day to his surprise he caught Grandmother’s eyes

She finally settled him down

Now the windows of Yankton are covered with bars

They’re meant to keep you inside

But how the hell can the lock up a man

Who’s got one more highball to ride


Now some folks die on the highway

Some folks die in their bed

My Grandpa died in a rubber room

But they never could lock up his head

He’s been long gone and the railroad passed on

Hell he’s been dead sixty-five years

But to this very day when I answer the phone

I’m still half expecting to hear