Iowa Driver 
(Tom Peterson) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

Tom Peterson
Black Hills Gold
 1. Black Hills Gold  (4:13)
 2. As Is 
 3. Broken Heart Of Mine 
 4. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
 5. Global Warming 
 6. Fetch The Old Man Home 
 7. Goodbye Denver
 8. On That Beautiful Day 
 9. Magic Bird 
10.  Iowa Driver 
11. The Muddy Muddy Mo

 Iowa Driver 

Listen to me people and the story I tell

About an alien being that’s escaping from Hell

Better hide your children or they’re gonna get hurt

There’s gonna be a panic when they spread the alert

The most dangerous creature you’re ever gonna meet

There’s an Iowa driver on a Sioux Falls street


To the sleepy little village of old Sioux Falls

They sneak across the border and invade our malls

A spooky wind is howlin’ and the full moon is bright

Somebody’s fender will be dented tonight

Like a kamikaze pilot flyin’ into the fleet

There’s an Iowa driver on a Sioux Falls street


Keep your eyes peeled for the light blue plates

Indicates a driver from the Hawkeye State

When you get behind the wheel don’t you be nappin’

Partner there’s an accident waitin’ to happen


Now they got a crazy system of blinkers and lights

Right means left and left means right

Green means stop and red means go

Driver’s education out of Edgar Allan Poe

There’s a motorized madness in a maze of concrete

There’s an Iowa driver on a Sioux Falls street


From Russell to Kiwanis down on 41st too

It’s a nightmare on Minnesota Avenue

Twelfth street, Eleventh, Phillips and Main

Lord have mercy I think he’s changing lanes


You better run for cover keep your head down

There’s a whole busload of seniors out to terrorize the town

Get your bag of garlic you can hang around your neck

Pray you’re not the target of an Iowegian wreck

Keep your proof of insurance up to date and complete

There’s an Iowa driver on a Sioux Falls street


There’s an Iowa driver……

There’s an Iowa driver……

 There’s an Iowa driver……look out now!