The Muddy Muddy Mo 
(Tom Peterson) Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

Tom Peterson
Black Hills Gold
 1. Black Hills Gold  (4:13)
 2. As Is 
 3. Broken Heart Of Mine 
 4. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
 5. Global Warming 
 6. Fetch The Old Man Home 
 7. Goodbye Denver
 8. On That Beautiful Day 
 9. Magic Bird 
10.  Iowa Driver 
11. The Muddy Muddy Mo

The Muddy Muddy Mo 

I was down in Hog Eye’s Tradin’ Post as drunk as I could be

When this diamond studded gentlemen started pouring drinks for me

He made a proposition, I should have answered no

To sail aboard the Jezebel up the muddy muddy mo


Now I was just a tadpole when I signed on with her crew

A leaky creaky steamer for the Rockies from St. Lou

Next mornin’ we pulled anchor, my head was poundin’ so

All for to be embarked up the muddy muddy mo


Big muddy is a winding stream that changes every day

She’ll swallow up a sorghum field or wash your crops away

Many a pilot travelled her who didn’t seem to know

Should he navigate or cultivate the muddy muddy mo


The journey it was treacherous the weather did not help

The Indians along the shore were waiting for our scalps

The deadheads and the sand bars and the dangerous undertow

All made the goin’ mighty slow on the muddy muddy mo


It was a bare subsistence with no comforts or fufraw

Privateers and buccaneers took no heed of the law

Every Nancy and Judy would beg us not to go

But to settle down in every town on the muddy muddy mo


Our redeye it was rotgut, our recreation stud

Mosquitoes by the millions came to feast upon our blood

And Paddy with his squeezebox playin’ that blasted “Rosin the Bow”

Was the only song he seemed to know on the muddy muddy mo


Our skipper was a filthy Frenchie we called Bon Pierre

Ten thousand lice and a family of mice lived up there in his hair

And if you stood downwind of him each time that wind would blow

You swore that smell came out of Hell on the muddy muddy mo


Our cookie was a ladies’ man we run out of New Orleans

We should have made him walk the plank the way he massacreed our beans

With every whore in every port he was a regular Romeo

He’s a floating epidemic on the muddy muddy mo


Now the crew was all relaxin’ at a game of chance one day

Faro Jim as usual was stackin’ away our pay

When a lookout on the hurricane deck hollered “There she blows!”

Was the biggest catfish ever spied on the muddy muddy mo


He’s buckin’ like old Jonah’s whale right off the starboard bow

Cowboy Joe he grabbed his rope and ‘lowed he’d show us how

He shook a loop out in the air and he made a deadly throw

And he took off like an arrow on the muddy muddy mo


Now when Joe climbed on that kitty’s back his troubles did begin

He tied his hand in a suicide wrap and dug his spurs on in

For half a knot they grappled then downward they did go

And he took his bones to Davy Jones on the muddy muddy mo


We observed a moment’s silence and some scripture it was read

We prayed that Joe would find some peace down in that restless bed

But we hadn’t travelled very far when on the bank sat Joe

Was fixin’ catfish gumbo on the muddy muddy mo


Now we landed in Ft. Union in July of 71

We loaded down with ten thousand pounds of buffalo tongue

The planters and the sawyers tried to stop us from below

The boat was full you could feel it pull on the muddy muddy mo


Now we’re back in Hog Eye’s Tradin’ Post & we went out on a spree

Faro Jim and Paddy, Cowboy Joe and me

We found that diamond studded lyin’ no pay so and so

And we gave him the old heave-ho on the muddy muddy mo


Now all you fella’s contemplatin’ heading up the stream

You won’t get rich roosterin’ those damn old crates of steam

But I heard of a fella named Creago from over in Jakesboro

He’s offerin’ easy money to go skinnin’ buffalo