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Underneath The Lone Star Sky
 1. Great Day In The Mornin'
 2. Take It To The Heart
 3. A Train Runnin'
 4. Cool River
 5. Get You Alone
 6. Black Denim Trousers
 7. Ready For A Change
 8. Everytime
 9. New Mexico
10. Are We There Yet Mama
11. Son Shine


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Produced by Christine Albert and Mitch Watkins for Dos Records
Executive Producers: Harry B Friedman II and Ernie Gammage
Additional production assistance by Mark Hallman
Additional arrangements by Paul Glasse and Ernie Gammage
Engineered by James Tuttle, Frank Campbell and Mitch Watkins
Recorded at Arlyn Recording Studio, The Institute, Bismeaux Studio and Cedar Creek Recording Studio
Mixed at Cedar Creek Recording Studio and Bismeaux Studio
Mastered by Randy Kling at Disc Mastering
Photography: Carrington Weems
Graphic Design: American Pie Design
Makeup by Tammy Lema
Hair by Carpe Diem Salon
Wardrobe by S.H.E. Women's Apparel

Christine Albert - vocals
Danny Levin - keyboards, violin, cello
Spencer Starnes - acoustic and electric bass
Steve Meador - drums
Mitch Watkins - guitars
Paul Glasse - mandolin
Ponty Bone - accordion
James Fenner - percussion
Marty Muse - pedal steel guitar
Mark Hallman - chicken shake, tambourine
Riley Osbourn - piano
Scott Newbert - dobro
Erik Hokkanen - lead guitar
John Inmon - guitar

The singers - Christine Albert, Ernie Gammage, Mark Hallman, Mitch Watkins, Betty Elders, Jimmy LaFave

Mark Hallman appears courtesy of Watermelon Records
Betty Elders appears courtesy of Flying Fish Records
Jimmy LaFave appears courtesy of Bohemia Beat Records

Track Listings:
 1. Great Day In The Morning    (3:55)
(Dana Cooper) Drunk Eye Music (BMI)

 2. Take It To The Heart    (3:17)
(Christine Albert and Gary Nicholson)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI) / Sony Cross Keys Four Sons Music (ASCAP)

 3. A Train Runnin'    (3:37)
(Christine Albert, Bill Carter and Ruth Ellsworth)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI) / Blame Music (BMI)

 4. Cool River    (3:58)
(Christine Albert and Betty Elders)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)

 5. Get You Alone    (3:27)
(Christine Albert)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)

 6. Black Denim Trousers    (3:26)
(Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller)

 7. Ready For A Change    (3:44)
(Christine Albert) Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)

 8. Everytime    (4:46)
(Jimmy LaFave) Songs of Poygram, Intl. (BMI) / le passant (BMI)

 9. New Mexico    (3:29)
(Christine Albert) Sutter's Gold Music (BMI)

10. Are We There Yet Mama    (3:33)
(Walter Hyatt and John Enro) Carreau Music (BMI) / Hayes St. Music (BMI)

11. Son Shine    (2:24)
(Christine Albert)
Sutter's Gold Music (BMI) Jerry Lieber Music (ASCAP) / Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP)

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PO Box 41021 Austin, Texas 78704.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


When I was 15 years old I spent my summer vacation visiting my older brother in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had been holed up in my room in upstate New York, learning to play guitar and writing songs of teenage angst and wanderlust. A few weeks with my songwriting brother and a town full of bohemian musicians, artists, silversmiths and cowboys was all it took to convince me I had found my spiritual home. Somehow I sold my parents on the idea that finishing high school in Santa Fe was an educational experience I could not afford to miss. By 19 I was playing in a band full time, where I continued my education in the dance halls and honky tonks of New Mexico and Colorado. Addicted to change and growth, I knew eventually that it was time to move on and find even more fertile ground for my songs and voice. Like magic, Austin Texas appeared in my life and by the early 80's I was singing my heart out six nights a week in the Texas Hill Country. My education has continued in Texas, inspired by and learning from the rich and soulful music community in Austin. Trips to Nashville have taught me more about songwriting, as well as delivering a few disappointing blows via the music "business." Character building ain't easy, but hey, you can't make good music without it! In 1990 I knew I was ready to "graduate" and become a recording "artiste," so I made the first of several albums released regionally on my own label. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to make records, develop my own sound and learn my way around a studio. Austin is about live music, but I also love making music that translates onto a disc, to reach more people in other places and to have a tangible record of my work. This is how my band sounds when we're playing live, with some of my favorite Austin players sitting in. What you're holding in your hand is my first national release and it seems only right that it be on a Texas label. dos Records is in the heart of Austin, so they understand where this music comes from. After all, they're out every night of the week listening to music being played underneath the lone star sky. 

 Christine Albert

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