Thick 'n Thin
1.  She Had Her Day (But Now It’s Night)
2.  Fit
3.  When You’re Away
4.  Sichazz Down
5.  You’re Gone
6.  Probably
7.  Damn Your Pants
8.  The Juggler
9.  Spend The Night
10. Friday Clothes
11. Go Away
12. Before I Go

Produced by Chris Gage
Recorded and mixed by Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studio, Austin, TX
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering, Austin, TX
Photography by Mark Austin
Package design and artwork by Steve Lara

Michael Austin - vocals and clarinet
Chris Gage - guitars, keyboards and percussion
Brad Fordham - bass guitar
Lisa Pankratz - drums
Danny Roy Young - washboard
Christine Albert - vocals and remarks
MH 2902 cp2004 Michael Austin
Under worldwide license to MoonHouse Records
PO Box 41021 Austin, Texas 78704
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

"He swings, he shuffles, he rocks, he croons, he scats...... he gets the blues, visits the bistro, goes to the hoe-down, engages the thespians, & he can get a witness. Michael Austin's special musical gumbo is delectable, and he stirs it all up with that magic stick! Thick'n Thin is an intriguing treat from an artist that explores." - Aer Stephen 91.1 FM WTJU Charlottesville


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